self titled

by rchrd prkr

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released July 23, 2014

self recorded over the period of several months by us and mixed/mastered by forrest salamida. special thanks to all of our friends, family, and anyone we've played with or will ever play with.



all rights reserved


rchrd prkr Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: god bless beer
i spent this summer at the corner of major life decisions and the consequences that'll follow me around

i think i know what i want
a few more beers and my best friends
it's all i've got and i think i'll start living my life without regret

well maybe my music is much too loud. there's comfort in the sounds. you find it distracting i find it relaxing but i can't help but start to think
i might be better off in michigan
Track Name: richard parker, i'm sorry
We listened to hallelujah on repeat. That's when I noticed you had fallen asleep. Six hour ride flies right bye when you are by my side. And it's the little that make me fall, like tripping over a stone in the yard.
Track Name: ghost. ghost. ghost.
I'm fine. Please don't worry about me. I'm alright. I'll try and see you soon. But what if I can't? But what if I can't?

It's so cold that it's haunting. Trouble knows where to fine me. I don't need your sympathy. I just need to be all on my own.

She said go and talk to your father. He's got everything you need inside. He said go and stay with your mother. There's no place for you here tonight.

I've been down on my luck I guess. I can't breathe anymore. I can't see anymore. Why does it have to be this hard? I just hope that it's worth it.

I won't let this get the best of me (It's just so easy to be alone).
Track Name: we made it work once
Maybe, I could tell you a story. "But would you even listen," is what I'd say. Maybe, we could take an evening stroll, but you'd probably say, "no," anyways.

It's whatever, I'm not there.

So I left for my apartment, and took the long way home. I just wanted to be alone.

Did I fuck up? It doesn't matter now.

So I said, "hey, do you want to come back to my apartment?" She said no thanks I've slept with better." It really tore me down. It really broke my stride.

I'll go home. I'll keep to myself tonight. It's too cold. I guess I'll just stay inside.
Track Name: such posture (for the weight on your shoulders)
why is it hard to breathe in the passenger seat? a sunset never seemed so comforting. i will let this be. there are few days when i feel like im fully living. then there's most days where i feel like i've finally given up.

i'm losing a part of myself that i never really held
that i never truly felt
but now i know better
but i dont feel better

you let me leave. i left my keys. we said goodbye and i was on my way. a makeshift bedspread stretched out across the cot that you pulled from the closet. i'll never tell you how much it meant to me. after several hours of silence, i don't know where i'm going but i have to get out of here. over and over again i'll play it back in my mind. this passing of time and this lack of clearly. sincerely, i write these words to you and all of the friends i've left behind. this time gone by. when i leave, and please you won't let me stay. you'll know where to find me. i'll be among the songs and the stars and the smoke that rolls over your dashboard each night before you come inside. i hope that when you come inside and find the embrace of a mattress you'll feel better knowing that all of our hearts are broken. we are worn and we are bored but we'll move on and we will love with all that we've got